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Final Legislative Update

This is the final legislative update for the 2018 Session. This update includes only bills that have become law. To read the act click on the blue ACT number.  

ACT# 2018-410 (HB31 Rep. Crawford)
This bill would removes the prohibition against a county superintendent of education having additional employment and would remove the limit on annual travel expenses for certain county superintendents of education. It also requires any activity that is not school business to be approved by the local school board.

ACT# 2018-413 (HB69 Rep. Standridge)

Under existing law, all portions of a public works project are required to be bid and otherwise comply with the public works law. This bill would allow for certain exceptions for contracting for the purchase and installation of heating or air conditioning units or systems for county, municipal, and local school board entities when the purchase and installation of the units or systems have been competitively bid pursuant to the purchasing cooperative and the bid process has been approved by the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts.

ACT# 2018-414 (HB71 Rep. Collins )

Qualifications for the Secretary of Early Childhood Education.

ACT# 2018-356 (HB174 Rep. Poole)

Provides a 2.5 percent pay increase to public education employees.

ACT# 2018-481 (HB175 Rep. Poole)

ETF Budget

Appropriates $6.63 billion from the ETF for the support, maintenance and development of public education, for debt service and capital outlay for FY19. Click here to view the ETF Spreadsheet 

ACT# 2018-502  (HB179 Rep. Poole) 

ETF Advancement and Technology Fund Supplemental Appropriation.

$41.2 million. Allows funds in the Education Trust Fund Advancement and Technology Fund to be used for facility repairs or deferred maintenance, classroom instructional support, insuring facilities, transportation, purchase of education technology and equipment, and expanded to include school security. The one-time appropriation, if expended for school security, would be restricted to things included in the school’s current security plan. Appropriates $17.6 million to higher education, including the Community College System.

ACT# 2018-503  (HB180 Rep. Poole) 

Provides a $500,000 supplemental appropriation from the Education Trust Fund for FY18 to be used for the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering; and $4.3 million to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

ACT# 2018-466 (HB194 Rep. Weaver)

Creates the Alex Hoover Act and authorizes portable DNR order for minors.

ACT# 2018-460 (HB202 Rep. Weaver)

Incorporates a DNR order for minors in a school setting. Palliative and End of Life Individual Health Plan created by school nurses with the parents or guardians of a minor with a terminal illness. Liability immunity provided for school employees. Establishes a taskforce to make recommendations for rules for administering Palliative and End of Life Individual Health Plans to be used in a school setting.

ACT# 2018-272 (HB228 Rep. Standridge)

Permits the display of the national motto, “In God We Trust,” in and on public buildings and public vehicles; includes public school classrooms.

ACT# 2018-504 (HB261 Rep. Lovvorn)


This bill creates the Alabama Math and Science Teacher Education Program (AMSTEP) and authorizes ACHE to administer the loan repayment awards to eligible public-school math and science teachers in underserved areas of Alabama. The bill was amended. The amendment requires an evaluation of the effectiveness of the commission be conducted every four years and be based on a survey of certain specified entities. 

ACT# 2018-472 (HB366 Rep. Knight)

The bill would expand current law to include student-against student bullying, intimidation, violence, and threats of violence off school property. It specifically includes cyberbullying in the definition of bullying. Names the statute Jamari Terrell Williams Act.

ACT# 2018-083(SB14 Sen. Dial)

Increases the required notice from five days to 30 days when a K-12 public school teacher terminates employment before the first day of the school term for students; an exception is permitted upon mutual agreement.

ACT# 2018-493 (SB21 Sen. Dial)

This bill authorizes legislation that allows a 13th check for education retirees based on number of years times $1 per month. The funding comes from the PEEHIP Savings and Reserve account.  The cost of this 13th check is $24.7 million.

ACT# 2018-260 (SB22 Sen. Brewbaker)

Requires notice for school personnel vacancies to be posted, at a minimum, on the school board website and decreases the time required for the posting from 14 to seven calendar days; requires electronic notification of vacancies upon request.

ACT# 2018-528 (SB26 Sen. Chambliss)

Creates Annalyn's Law. Notification provided to school of low-risk sex offender expanded to include local superintendent of education, school is required to report to local law enforcement, state board of education is required to develop and local board of education to adopt of model policy for monitoring juvenile sex offenders in school.

ACT# 2018-140 (SB28 Sen. Pittman)

Repeals Section 13A-6-83 of the Alabama Criminal Code that required paid administrative leave for school employees charged with certain sexual offenses against students while the criminal proceedings were pending. As a result, school board disciplinary hearings can proceed when such criminal charges are pending.

ACT# 2018-399(SB101 Sen Orr)

Grants to public schools for developing new educational programs for gifted or talented children offered by State Department of Education. The grants are dependent on available funds.

ACT# 2018-395 (SB149 Sen. Scofield) 

Creates a grant program to encourage broadband Internet services to unserved, mostly rural, areas in Alabama. The grant program will be administered by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs. ADECA will develop plans and rules for the program and ADECA also will establish priorities for the grants, including wiring areas without access. Accountability language was added in committee including a requirement to produce quarterly reports.

ACT# 2018-233 (SB159 Sen. Shelnutt) 

Requires a public school system or its employee to grant all professional educators’ associations the same level of access to school employees.

ACT# 2018-389(SB181 Sen. Dial)

A constitutional amendment which would provide that property belonging to the state may be used to display the Ten Commandments and can be displayed on public school property. This goes straight to the ballot for the people’s vote.  

ACT# 2018-480(SB212 Sen. Orr)

The bill creates the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering in Huntsville. It provides for the membership, powers, compensation, and terms of the board of trustees; provides for programs and the operation of the school; provides for extracurricular activities; prescribes eligibility requirements.

ACT# 2018-396(SB318 Sen. Orr)

Creates the Data Breach Notification Act to require certain entities doing business in Alabama to disclose to consumers if their personal data has been compromised in a data breach.

ACT# 2018-544 (SB323 Sen. Pittman)

This bill amends the ETF Rolling Reserve Act to allow funds in the Education Advancement and Technology fund to be used for school security, in addition to the allowed expenditure categories in the law. School systems must submit requests to the SDE for verification that the use of funds is within allowable ATF parameters. The Governor sent the bill back with an executive amendment. The Senate and House concurred with the amendment. The Governor’s amendment allows the Education Trust Fund Budget Stabilization Fund to be used to provide temporary emergency assistance funding to the public schools and institutions of higher education to repair damages resulting from a natural disaster declared by the Governor. It requires repayment in two years, if not paid in two years, interest will be accrued at the rate of 8% annually until the full amount plus interest is repaid. Upon receipt of insurance proceeds the first payment of proceeds has to go to the repayment.


ACT# 2018-418 (SJR113 Sen. Dial) 

Urges the State Department of Education and the Alabama Department of Public Health to encourage all schools to participate in a school-based vaccination program.