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Professional Learning

PLU Information

Approved PLU activities can only be assigned to one PLU number.

CLAS PLU Standard 1Standard I

Planning for Continuous Improvement

  • PLUACLD341 (Total Online PLU)
    Leaders Utilizing Data for Organizational Improvement

  • PLUACLD351
    Equipping Leaders for Continuous Improvement

  • PLUACLD461
    Coaching Leaders to Build Strong Cultures

PLU Standard 2: Teaching and LearningStandard II

Teaching and Learning

  • PLUACLD343
    Retired Administrators Collaborating with Schools, Districts and Communities

  • PLUACLD344 (Total Online PLU)
    Supporting Teaching and Learning Through Scaffolding Reading Comprehension

  • PLUACLD462 
    Building Strong Supports for Teaching and Learning

Standard 3 Human Resources DevelopmentStandard III

Human Resources Development

  • PLUACLD345 (Total Online PLU)
    Cultivating Collaboration to Build and Sustain Powerful PLCs

  • PLUACLD346 
    Supporting the New Principal-Mentor Relationship

  • PLUACLD574
    Alabama Pre-K-3 Leadership Academy Cohort Only

CLAS PLU Standard 4 DiversityStandard IV


  • PLUACLD355 (Total Online PLU)
    Administrators Utilizing a Blueprint for RtI Implementation

  • PLUACLD464
    Expanding Opportunities to Address Diverse Needs of Students

CLAS PLU Standard 5 Standard V

Community & Stakeholder Relationships

  • PLUACLD491
    Linking Stakeholders to Student Success

CLAS PLU Standard 6 TechnologyStandard VI


  • PLUACLD348 (Total Online PLU)
    Fostering Technology Use to Rethink Learning and Education

  • PLUACLD356 (Total Online PLU)
    Empowering Leaders to Utilize Technology to Unlock Individual and Organizational Potential

CLAS PLU Standard 7Standard VII

Management of the Learning Organization

  • PLUACLD349 (Total Online PLU)
    Supporting Leaders in Effective Time Management

  • PLUACLD350
    Fostering Growth in Effective Management of the Organization

CLAS PLU Standard 8 EthicsStandard VIII


  • PLUACLD358 (Total Online PLU)
    Ethical Leadership in Alabama Schools and Districts
  • PLUACLD575
    Ethical Leadership: Doing the Right Thing