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Affiliate Spotlight - ALACASE

by Susie Ellison | Feb 13, 2018

Spotlighting the Alabama Council of Administrators of Special Education (ALA-CASE)

Since its beginning, the Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools (CLAS) has served multiple affiliates representing a gamut of public school or school system leaders.  One of these affiliates is the Alabama Council of Administrators of Special Education (ALA-CASE).

ALA-CASE is a professional special education organization whose members are dedicated to promoting the educational services and programs for all of Alabama’s children with special education needs that will enable them to lead productive and independent lives. Membership in ALA-CASE offers strong support to the professionals including input into policies and practices in Alabama that impact quality of education; networking opportunities; and professional development unique to special education leaders’ needs. Relationships with the State Department of Education and legislators are maintained to keep state leaders abreast of special education issues, needs, and successes.  Currently, the association has 287 members and is growing. ALA-CASE believes in growing their own. The organization offers scholarships to encourage the development of new special education administrators. 

President of ALA-CASE, Diane Sherriff, said “I cannot imagine doing my job as a special education director without the support I receive from our ALA-CASE organization.  It is my fellow ALA-CASE members that I turn to with questions and for advice.  They, and CLAS, are my primary sources of professional development.  CLAS does so much to support us at our conferences.  The burden of registration and coordinating with the conference sites is virtually eliminated thanks to CLAS.  CLAS also provides administrators of special education an opportunity to network with administrators from other affiliates.  I am grateful to have the legal services offered by CLAS.  Those services provide a measure of reassurance in the litigious environment in which we work.  The level of commitment that members of CASE and ALA-CASE demonstrate for the students in our state is inspiring and admirable.”

CLAS Executive Director, Dr. Vic Wilson, said “Special education administrators do a tremendous job, and their work is not to be understated. Special education is a necessary component of education. Special education administrators are in a position to advocate for all children with special needs, and give these children the resources required to excel in their lives.”

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