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Thank you to our membership recruiters

by Susie Ellison | Feb 05, 2018
This year Larry Haynes, Principal of Mountain Brook Middle School, is the winner of the $1,000 more members more rewards prize drawing. 

Larry's name was drawn from a list of CLAS members who recruited at least one new Individual/Institutional member during July 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017.

Remember you can be a winner too! Next membership year July 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018 for each new Individual/Institutional member that joins and designates your name on the Recruited By line, CLAS will reward you with $25.00.  Also, your name will be added to our $1000.00 prize drawing for each new Individual/Institutional member you recruit.

Other members who will be receiving a check for there membership recruitment efforts are:

    Alicia Simmons-Ferrell
    Andy Carpenter
    April Tucker
    Ashley Catrett
    Baine Garner
    Bobby Byrd
    Brent Harrison
    Brindlea Griffin
    Bryant Marlow
    Butch Sargent
    Cathy Seale
    Charlton Giles
    Alicia Simmons-Ferrell
    Christopher Mitten
    Chuck Gambrill
    Cindy Adams
    Dana Bottoms
    Darryl Brooks
    Dennis Morris
    Evelyn Nettles-Hines
    Frank Kelly
    Gwen Tilghman
    Jay Gary
    Jennifer Mackey
    Jerry Hill
    Johnny Cleveland
    Katina Smith-Davis
    Kendall Jackson
    Kevin Erwin
    Kimberly Stewart
    Linda Saffold
    Michele McClung
    Oliver Sinclair
    Paige Terry
    Phillip Hazelrig
    Phillip Johnson
    Quentin Lee
    Ray Sewell
    Rhonda Lee
    Roderick Sheppard
    Rodney Smith
    Ron Rikard
    Russell Hathcock
    Sarah Armstrong
    Scott Hammon
    Shakela Johnson-Ford
    Sharon Maness
    Sheila Jones
    Stephanie Ledbetter
    Steve Howard
    Taurus Felton
    Teresa Dent
    Tim Loveless
    Todd Davis
    Tony Johnson
    Van Phillips
    Vera Hendrix
    Veronica Coleman
    Willie Joiner
    Timothy Tidmore
    Annie Spike
    Ardrene Bishop
    Autumm Jeter
    Diane Sherriff
    Jeffery Cole
    Michael Smith
    Mike Bishop
    Joe Toomey
    Mary Veal
    Renata Hollins
    Reta Hayes
    Vicky Ozment