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Affiliate Spotlight - ACTA

by Susie Ellison | Jan 04, 2018

Spotlighting The Alabama Association of Career Tech Administrators (ACTA)

Since its beginning, the Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools (CLAS) has served multiple affiliates representing a gamut of public school or school system leaders.  One of these affiliates is the Alabama Association of Career Technical Administrators (ACTA).

ACTA is a professional development and support organization for Career Tech Directors in Alabama. ACTA works to balance and maintain relationships between Career Tech Directors and the ALSDE, Workforce Development, and Industry Leaders to ensure that the voices of the directors are heard and that students are being provided with the most relevant and rigorous curriculum possible in Career Tech preparing them for success as a contributing member of the workforce and society as a whole. Currently, the association has 164 members and is growing. Individuals join ACTA for outstanding networking and professional development opportunities for the state’s directors.

Dr. Jimmy Hull, president of ACTA, and the career tech director at the Elmore County Technical Center said “CLAS and the ACTA affiliate are critical organizations for Career Tech Directors in the state of Alabama. No other organization offers Career Tech Directors the support, professional development, legal defense, and networking opportunities that are available from ACTA and CLAS. ACTA is the best way for Career Tech Directors to organize into one voice to be able to express concerns at the local, regional, state, and even national levels on issues that directly impact Career Tech education and Workforce Development. The leadership of ACTA is passionate about continuing to move Career Tech forward as a legitimate and important part of the education process for all students in the state of Alabama.”

CLAS Executive Director, Dr. Vic Wilson said “Career tech directors are dedicated to providing high-quality CTE to all students and preparing students to achieve success in college and career. ACTA is the backbone of career and technology education in Alabama.”

Students and faculty of career tech programs in Alabama will celebrate Alabama Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month February 1-28, 2018.  The theme is “Celebrate Today, Own Tomorrow!”

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