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School/Organization Awards

  • CLAS Banner Schools

    The CLAS Banner School Award originated in 2001 with the purpose to identify, recognize, and publicize schools and programs with outstanding educational programs which serve as models for schools across our state. CLAS Banner Schools make a brief presentation of their exemplary program at the annual Recognition Luncheon held in Montgomery. The Banner School principals and superintendents are recognized and presented with a CLAS banner to display in their school signifying this distinguished honor.


    • To identify, recognize, and publicize exemplary program(s)/schools in Alabama

    The Banner School Process

    • Superintendents nominate exemplary school(s)/program(s) in their system who have shown proven success through the 2015‐2016 school year
    • Application information sent to nominated principals
    • CLAS Banner School electronic application due to CLAS on or before October 31, 2016
    • Banner School Selection Team reviews applications
    • Recognition of 2016 Banner Schools: Media release to local newspaper, publicity in CLAS School Leader magazine, on CLAS website, and congratulations at 2017 CLAS Convention
    • Awards Luncheon in March 2017 to recognize the CLAS Banner Schools' administrator and district superintendent

    Banner School Selection Criteria

    • Evidence displayed of school/program success through the 2015-2016 school year
    • Activities described that make the school/program(s) a candidate for recognition
    • Demonstration of an outstanding, unique, student-centered educational program(s)
    • Evaluation information documented to determine success
    • Serves as an exceptional model for other schools
    • Followed application procedure; applications not following guidelines will be disqualified
    • Free from grammatical or spelling errors 

    Program Information

    Scoring Rubric

    2016 Banner School Recipients

    Listing of Past Banner School Recipients

    Banner School Recordings

  • CLAS Little Red Schoolhouse Award

    The Little Red School House Award is given by the CLAS Board of Directors to a person, persons, school, or school system that has inaugurated a significant curriculum or instructional innovation deserving of statewide recognition. The program or activity should have a positive impact on the education of children, high potential for dissemination to other schools or systems, and demonstrate leadership in curriculum or instructional procedures in an Alabama school or school system.

    The "Little Red School House" is an appropriate symbol to recognize outstanding educational achievement. This award is presented at the CLAS Annual Convention in such years as the Board of Directors determines. The Board is not obligated to make an award each year.

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  • CLAS Dr. James A. Street Award

    The Dr. James A. Street Award is presented by  the CLAS Board of Directors to a person, persons, institution, or organization in recognition of exceptional service in the interest of administrators and supervisors, and to public education. The Award may be in recognition of a single, significant contribution during a given year, or it may be for a series of contributions over a period of time.

    The recipient of the Award may be an educator or layperson, a school system, or public or private institution or organization, profit or nonprofit, that the Board of Directors considers worthy of such recognition. The Street Award can be presented to a member or nonmember, for exceptional service or achievement that furthers the cause of public education and the interests of school administrators.

    It is named after the first Executive Director of CLAS. The James A. Street Award is presented at the CLAS Annual Convention in such years as the Board of Directors determines. The Board is not obligated to make an award each year.

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