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Volunteer Opportunities

You have a busy schedule, we know, but we want to encourage you to make time to get involved with CLAS. Involvement helps you strengthen your skills, build your professional portfolio and create new professional relationships. CLAS has listed a number of ways you can be involved. Some will take a few minutes or hours, while others requires a larger time commitment. Find something that fits your schedule. 

Volunteer sign up is closed. If you need general volunteer information, contact CLAS office at (800) 239-3616 or email

The following is a list of CLAS volunteer opportunities:

Professional Development Council 

Provides recommendations for professional development programs for CLAS members.

Communications Council

Provide recommendations for communicating consistently and effectively with CLAS’s growing membership. Shares stories of Alabama’s schools and students, and initiates new means of communications among Alabama stakeholders. 

Awards/Recognition Council

Provide recommendations for appropriate awards and honors, thereby, contributing to the continued promotion of CLAS.

Networking Council

Provide networking ideas and opportunities for CLAS members.

Legislative Network 

Monitor legislation relating to education policies at the local, state, and national levels, taking action on alerts while educating elected officials and advocating for public education.

Online Community Monitor

Monitor and moderate user-generated content to ensure maintenance of the online community.

Affiliate Webpage Editor

Responsible for updating your affiliate webpage.

Membership Recruiter

Work with individuals, groups, schools/systems to recruit members and promote CLAS.

Event Support Team

Welcome event attendees and provide event information. 

Magazine Article Contributor

Share useful information with fellow public educators.

Membership System Coordinator

Update member information within your school system and recruit prospective members.

Website Reviewer

Review the CLAS website to enhance the overall user experience. 

Social Media Liaison

Advocate for public education, CLAS, and the members we serve. 

Share Your Story

Share your experience as public educator and CLAS member.

Volunteer sign up is closed. If you need general volunteer information, contact CLAS office at (800) 239-3616 or email