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The Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools prides itself on being Alabama's premier school leader organization. We attribute our successes to our incredible members, but equally to our dedicated staff. Each month, we'll spotlight a selected employee and discuss experiences at CLAS, his or her expertise, and provide a day to day perspective of their duties and passions outside of work. 
Starr Spotlight

Job Title? Coordinator of Membership & Affiliated Services

What is your primary role at CLAS?  
That is a hard question because membership is our reason for being. Although my title says Membership/Affiliate Coordinator, I also handle the financial reports and receivables for CLAS and several affiliates.  These two go hand in hand for the growth and success for CLAS.  

How long have you worked at CLAS? 25 year 10 Months

What do you most enjoy about being part of CLAS? 
I have now worked with 5 executive directors and it is amazing how this staff always steps up to the plate to keep everything going and running smoothly for our members.  This dedication is truly special and extraordinary.  

What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work? 
My new hobby is my 2 year old grandson Cason. My baby girl and my Cason are truly a blessing from God.  I love to read and travel.  My new interest/adventure is visiting small towns in Alabama with friends, tasting their “eats” and contributing to their economy (shopping).  So, if you have an enchanting little small town, let me know!

What is your dream vacation?  
I’m sure you have seen that picture of the house built on stilts in the clear blue sparkling water on some island with the beautiful sun shining and far away from our mad day to day life. Well, maybe one day I will be in that picture. 

Tell us something that might surprise others about you. 
Growing up I was an extremely shy and introvert little girl.  

Starr Family
Starr with her daughter, Lesley, and grandson, Cason.